Windsurfing Fundamentals, by Peter Hart

  • This is the elusive instructional video that fills the gap between entry-level instruction and shortboard sailing. It fits nicely between our Windsurfing 101 DVD and Peter Hart's Turn for the Better part 1 DVD. In fact, it was filmed at the same time as the Turn for the Better series and could even be considered the first part of a three part series. While the first 10 minutes focus on the entry-level, the remaining 40 minutes of instruction is done on tranition style longboards or funboards with footstraps and retractable daggerboards in the 10 to 12 foot range, in 10 to 18 knots of wind.

    Windsurfing FUNdamentals is the introductory video from the Royal Yachting Association and is an important aid to both the newcomer and improving windsurfer alike. Instructor Peter Hart is respected the world over for both his ability on the water and his unique ability to analize and convey windsurfing technique.

    Some topics covered are skills such as beach starts, higher wind trimming of both board and sail, first use of harness and harness lines, getting into the footstraps, sailing with and without the daggerboard, steering, railing, tacking, and jibing. This is Peter Hart at his best.