Wind Legends, The History of Windsurfing

  • The History of Windsurfing


    A unique new video from an old source. Resurfacing to bring you the definitive video on the History of Windsurfing is Jonathan Weston, who, if you remember, produced the classic video Impact Zone back in the late 80s. So who better, or more capable, to produce this monumental effort than someone who was there capturing it on film from the beginning? This video will certainly rekindle the stoke of anyone who dabbled in windsurfing back in the day, whether they just did it for a couple years or if they still suffer from shortness of breath on the forecast of 15 to 25 knots to this day. And Wind Legends also pulls it all together for all those Johnny-come-lately freestyle rippers out there, so they can clue themselves into the fact that windsurfers were ripping freestyle back in the 70s (okay, still freestyle but a little different). It's great to now have a video that effectively pulls it all together, putting a stamp of authenticity to the entire sport. Heck, even you're mom will be into this one.

    Featuring the stars of windsurfing from invention to present times, Wind Legendsis a masterpiece of sports filmmaking. From classic freestyle days to highlights of top World Cup racing, speed, and wave performance, this DVD has it all. Told by the legends of windsurfing and captured by the best filmmakers in the industry. Produced and edited by Impact Zone's Jonathan Weston.  Wind Legends: The History of Windsurfing is a must-have for everyone who has walked on water with the wind in their hands. 55 action-packed minutes with bonus features that tell the tale of our sport from the beginning.