• This is pretty entertaining stuff, to say the least. It's not exactly real-world kiteboarding, but I think that's the point. Unhooked is mostly about what's happening at Kite Beach on Maui with the 2-line wake style, although that is a generalization, lots of 4 line kite use too, and some Waddell and Hatteras. And the premise is doing tricks out of the harness,but that is a generalization too. There's lots of hooked tricks going down, and equally difficult as some of the unhooked stuff. But what you what will strike you the most is how hard and how far these guys are pushing it. Pretty freaking radical. HUUUUGE, crazy unhooked wakeboard tricks, handle passes, slider hits, waves, you name it. And a lot of very painful crashes. Someone is definitely going to get hurt on those sliders one day. And I'll bet you won't find Ibuprofen in stock at any drug stores in Kahului after a good day at Kite Beach.

    Tronolone and crew obviously put a lot of time into filming as they capture every little crazy thing that happens on Maui, from crazy crashes, insanely pull-off tricks, to funky experimentation. The editing and soundtrack are great and the only drawback is it's a bit short compared to his last video, Awake. But then again, if it was much longer all those kiters would probably be in the hospital. Super entertaining but don't try this stuff unless you're between 18 and 25. I say the over 30 crowd can still go ahead an use the center loop.