Tropical Energy Challenge

  • Reality TV meets windsurfing. What do you get when you take 8 of the world's best wavesailors, stick them all together in a couple motorhomes for a grueling drive down to Mexico, then bunk them all in the same tent for a week, and throw in an insane wave competition where the loser gets "voted off" the point until there's a winner? - The Tropical Energy Challenge, that's what. 

    This is what you get:
    1) 8 of the most talented and strong charactered riders in the world
    2) A drawn out road trip through the barren desert of Baja Mexico
    3) 10 days spent with only themselves for company and the pressure of having to decide amongst them who has what it takes to be the best of the best....and perhaps more controversially, who doesn't?!!
    4) Perfect Conditions at the infamous break of Punta Sun Carlos
    5) A party to end all parties held at the throbbing downtown district of San DIego in the company of the 50th Anniversary Playmate and Maxim's Hometown Hottie (amongst others)

    Keith Teboul, Jason Polakow, Kevin Pritchard, Levi SIver, Kauli Seadi, Jason Prior, Robby Swift, and Baptiste Gossein

    The long heats in perfect conditions are intertwined with the travel footage heading down to, staying at, and leaving Baja, culminating with a big partay in San Diego to crown the winner. 

    Parental Advisory:
    As you might imagine when you put 8 testoterone-filled type 'A' competitive personalities together for a long trip, the behavior can and will get a bit colorful, with or without Jason Polakow's shopping spree in a Mexican Farmacia. Frequent sexual inuendos and foul language are present in the significant amount of lifestyle footage. The younger set will dig it.