The Windsurfing Movie 1:


The Windsurfing Movie ties together several stories about individual windsurfers who have made their mark on the sport, mostly in waveriding, of course. In telling the stories of Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Kai Lenny, Levi Siver, and Josh Angulo, Jace Panebianco and John Decasare of Poor Boyz Productions somehow tie together the entire history of the sport of windsurfing with the current state of competitive sailing, innertwining all that with interesting travel and crazy performances from tons of different sailors. And they do it all without a hint of pretentiousness or cockiness that all points to a bright future for windsurfing. Oh, and it was all shot in either 16mm film or HD with a soundtrack that probably cost more than the entire production cost of every windsurfing video put out in the past ten years put together. And they made all this storytelling short and sweet, somehow not overshadowing what we want - non-stop rocking action. Killer video and that's that. Oh, and best sailing award goes to...Jason Polakow at Backyards...unbelievable. You have to have ridden that wave to know what kind of balls that takes.

This is a video that everyone who used to windsurf back in the Eighties should have in their library. This is a video that everyone who used to windsurf back in the Nineties should have in their library. This is a video that everyone who currently windsurfs should have in their library. This is a video that everyone who cares even a little about windsurfing should have in their library, even if they don't windsurf. If you want this kind of quality then you should buy this video.

The Windsurfing Movie 1 & 2 SET

  • Building on the award-winning success of the Windsurfing Movie (2007), Poor Boyz Productions gives a glimpse into the future of windsurfing through the eyes of Red Bull athlete Levi Siver. X-Dance Film Festival "Best Director" winner Johnny Decesare and water-cinematographer Jace Panebianco spent three years in production and filmed in seven countries in search of windsurfing's new frontier.  The Windsurfing Movie II expands on the story lines of The Windsurfing Movie with legendary Red Bull riders Jason Polakow, Robby Naish, and featuring 16-year-old Kai Lenny. Through interactions with windsurfing's rich cast of characters, Levi Siver learns that sometimes you have to go further afield to find the best wind and waves, and to eventually find the best in yourself.

    (Brian's Take: I attended the first premier for The Windsurfing Movie II at Red Bull Headquarters in Santa Monica back in July. The original was pretty darn good, and I gave it some pretty high praise when it was released. So I was interested to see how they could possibly top it. Well they did top it. There's not one thing I can point to as to why, but the sailing is a bit better The waves are a bit better. The cinematography is a bit better. The travel stories are a bit better. The editing is a bit better. The soundtrack (if it's possible) is even a bit bigger and better. Put it all together and you've got a sequel that outshines the original, as if that would have even been necessary as a justification to buy it. But the bar has been raised again, making it definitely a no-brainer.)