The 12 Step Jibe, by Dasher

SKU: 12S
  • The one moment that most advanced windsurfers typically name as their most memorable on a windsurf board is the first time they ever planed out of a jibe. In the history of our sport, there has never been a clearer step-by-step analysis of this maneuver available. The 12 Step Jibe will help you grasp the logic of the jibe theory and it will build your confidence and understanding every step of the way. Dasher builds on the success of his Learn to Waterstart video with this fun and friendly instructional DVD. The DVD contains four lessons: The Set Up, The Initiation, The Foot Change, and the Sail Flip. Detailed graphics and analysis of common problems, plus bonuses like Evolution of the Jibe and Jibe Meditation round out this great video.