Surface Tension:


Bundled with complete version of Chapped!

The best way to activate your adrenal glands is to check out Surface Tension, the newest release from Trow Vision Productions since Chapped. There's more action packed into this video than most people experience in a lifetime. Watch the best Maui sailors rip their home waters and follow them as they light it up on "El Nino fueled" trips to enchanted local waters, the Mainland, and Mexico. All shot in digital, 16mm, and 35mm film and skillfully edited to a soundtrack that's guaranteed to keep you amped.

Starring: Jason Polakow, Josh Stone, Kevin and Matt Pritchard, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Sierra Emory, Katsushi Shinjo, Levi Siver, Francisco Goya, Sean Ordonez, Ian Boyd, Josh Angulo, Chris Wyman, Robby Naish, and many more.

Sounds by: No Fun at All, Digger, Mustard Plug, Mad Caddies, Filibuster, The Ziggens, Screw 32, MXPX, Slick Shoes, Quicksand, Life After Life, and more.

Surface Tension (and Chapped)

  • The most Radical West Coast Wave sailing video ever. 40 minutes of nonstop action, including hot surfing and snowboarding, all set to an amazing soundtrack.


    Ian Boyd says: "The action in Chapped rocks as hard as the soundtrack! It's a must see must own."