Strung Out

  • by your's truly at Side-Off Video


    The sequel to Air Sickness! It's evident that a lot has changed performance-wise since then and we're bringing it all to you with Strung Out. We're calling it a unique and progressive video. That's because we tried to capture everything that's going on, wake style, snow style, four-line danglers (that'd be my style) and everything inbetween. And there is a heavy emphasis on wave-riding. This all adds up to more variety in one video than you've ever seen before. You'll be left drooling for more.


    There's no Maui in the video but we've got the rest of the US covered, from Oregon to California, Texas to Hatteras, the mountains to Mexico. Maybe not too much tropical stuff for all you fair-weather kiters, but pure real-world kiteboarding in epic conditions around the country.


    Side-Off Video teamed up with pro kiteboarder Peter Trow and Trow Vision Productions to produce this video and the result is super double killer. Before he became a phenom kiting in the waves Peter was reknown in the Windsurfing world for producing two of the most epic videos in the sport: Chapped (a cult classic now) and Surface Tension. It was a struggle but he finally dropped his kite long enough to get this video out. With Peter's filming and editing, footage from the boys at Real Kiteboarding in Hatteras, as well as footage from Lou and Elliot, Strung Out has what kiteboarders want - a high-end cross-section of the sport. Get it now.


    DVD bonus features include eight killer rider interviews (Dave Tyburski, Jeff Tobias, Chuck Pattersen, Elliot Leboe, Felix Pevic, Lou Wainman, Chris Gilbert, Jonah Lepak), two extra action sections, and one other surprise. That's 40 minutes of extra stuff on top of the 55 minute program. Get one.