Freestyle windsurfing is all the rage and has breathed new life into windsurfing lately. While the shear number (and maybe even their names) of freestyle tricks might scare off most instructors, not so for Peter Hart. In the most complete freestyle instructional series imaginable Peter and friends take it on full bore.

In typical Peter Hart fashion the instruction builds from the ground up and features everything from simple and effective tips, to guest pro commentary, to a splash of humor lest we all start taking things too seriously.

Don't think you have to wait until you make every jibe to try out some freestyle moves. In fact, mixing up your repetoire will improve all aspects of your sailing, even things you think you have wired already. Don't wait any longer to jump into the freestlye fun zone.

Showin' Off - 2 Part SET, by Peter Hart

  • Showin' Off 1:

    Selecting and tuning equipment

    Essential skills (sailing clew first, sailing backwinded, sailing with switch stance etc)

    How to go about learning a new trick

    Straight line tricks:

    * One hand
    * No hands
    * One hand one foot
    * Sail and body 360
    * Inside boom
    * Body drag
    * Stall tack

    Carving variations:

    * One handed carve
    * Lay down gybe
    * One handed laydown
    * Duck gybe
    * One handed duck
    * Switch foot duck gybe
    * Aerial duck
    * Monkey Gybe
    * Monkey duck
    * Backwind gybe
    * Pirouette gybe
    * 360
    * One handed 360
    * Clew first 360


    Showin' Off 2:


    Approach to learning advanced tricks.

    Combination tricks

    Tacks tacks and more tacks:

    1.Heli tack
    2.Upwind 360
    3. Push tack 
    4.Duck tack
    5.Nose sink tack

    Aerial madness:

    * Aerial gybe
    * Willy Skipper
    * Vulcan 
    * Spock
    * Spin loop
    * Lolly Pop
    * Auto-rotator

    New tricks (the silly section)

    * Beach the whale
    * The Flying prince Charles
    * Park the Boat