OK so you may be shooting in and out of breaking surf getting the odd chop hop but are you really wave sailing?

The original technique guru Peter Hart teams up with the UK's most successful competitor Nik Baker to show what it's really about.


Part 2:

In this program the subject switches to jumping - how to get and control big air, how to go for that first tweak and table top and even how to go for all manner of loops - backs, 'pushies', and forwards. Before that there's a detailed section on backside wave riding and how to go 'down-the-line', even when the wind is onshore. There is more equipment advice as well as a section on specific fitness and tips on how to approach the big moves.

Filmed in Maui, the Canaries, UK and Ireland and featuring a host of illustrious sailors such as Daida Moreno, Micah Buzianis, Kevin Pritchard, and Anders Bringdal, Serious About Waves is visually spectacular, hugely informative and, as you would expect from a Harty production, ever humorous.

Serious About Waves 2 , by Peter Hart