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Progression Professional

  • Fat Sand, makers of the Progression instructional kite series present volume 4.

    Progression Professional takes the focused insight of the 3 times World Champion, Aaron Hadlow, mixed in with the in-depth analysis that has become the trademark of the Progression Series of instructional DVDs, to help everyone understand and master the highest level of Pro tricks. 

    Whether you want to be the next World Champion, add some tricks to your repertoire or simply understand the difference between all the various handle pass rotations, Progression Professional will open you eyes to the all that is freestyle kitesurfing. 

    Tricks included in this movie are:
    Back Mobe 7
    Front Mobe 5
    Slim Chance
    Blind Judge 3
    Kiteloop Handle Passes

    Each trick is broken down into simpler parts so in the end you get a total of 24 tricks and the building blocks to learn many more!