Plug 'n Play 2

  • The boys at Tonix Pictures in Germany have been busy, busy, busy. In addition to covering all the action for the PWA World Tour Highlights video, and the Cabo Verde Worldcup 2007 DVD, they also managed to release Plug 'n Play 2, which is a big deal because Plug 'n Play, The Original, is one of the most successful windsurfing videos of all time. But in the midst of all that they have been able to do right by the Plug 'n Play sequel. They have produced another gem. There's a whopping 120 minutes of impossible moves in crazy locations around the world. Tonix has it dialed: if the Tour videos aren't for prefer something a little more soulful and creative, well they've got that too...Plug 'n Play 2.

    The very best action from the windsurfing world. We`ve spent three years gathering footage from every continent in order to present this truly global windsurfing adventure. Join the best windsurfers in the world as they find new spots in remote locations and fight some of the heaviest conditions ever recorded on film. Find out about the new generation of upcoming talents who create new moves in every session."

    Shot on location in: Australia, Brasil, Canary Islands, Denmark, France, Greece, Israel, Ireland, Indonesia, Madagascar, Maui,  Morocco, New Zealand, Oahu, Poland,  Portugal, Turkey, Venezuela and even more.