Four Dimensions

  • The producers of Wet and Salty proudly present their new windsurfing movie; Four Dimensions. This monster project is a film about some of the best and most diverse riders today; Marcilio Browne, Victor Fernandez, and Jose "Gollito" Estredo. Two-time European champion Andre Paskowski also appears in the movie but his main focus was production. Witness a windsurfing movie with the best waveriding, jumping, and freestyle possible today. Be ready for something new.


    The producers premiered this film at the PWA event in Sylt in September to rave reviews. Many people are calling this the best windsurfing video ever made, which is some pretty high praise. Without a doubt Four Dimensions has the best footage ever shot in windsurfing, particularly the helicopter footage. It's off the hook, really. And the maneuvers these guys are doing are from some other planet. This video really showcases the new age of freestyle and wave performance. It's quite certain the laws of physics that apply to windsurfing do not apply to Gollito Estredo. All I could think was, "Are you kidding me?" 


    The editing is also off-the-hook. This is the first windsurfing video that showcases new school 3 dimensional panning, super slow motion, and strobe effects, but in no way are they overused. There is a great balance between action footage, lifestyle, and some unique interviews. And the soundtrack is also excellent. For the American market I would have liked to have seen some footage of some other riders and a bit more variety, but that's not what this movie is about. It's about the coming-of-age of three guys who are redefining the possibilities, blowing everyone away in the process. The main program is 35 minutes, but with a total run time of 110 minutes there is a lot of bonus footage to zone out on. 


    Are you ready for Four Dimensions