• by Peter Trow and Jim Brewer

    Standing on a World of Adventure

    In this new approach to travel adventure films a small group of travelers depart on a series of remarkable journeys to unusual and remote locations around the world. With Stand Up Paddle boards in tow, the crew has access to stunning locations otherwise unavailable to the common surf traveler. Traveling way off the beaten path the group becomes immersed in diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife, politically sensitive environments and remarkable surf. Lack of common comforts, difficult travel, with plenty of obstacles along the way help create an extremely captivating and inspiring travel film.

    This movie isn't about big waves or big names. It's about the love of travel
    and experiencing new lands, new people, different cultures… and doing it all
    with an open mind and a fresh approach. Typical surf trips are planned to
    visit well-known and convenient places, heading out only when the surf
    forecast looks ideal. This time it is decided to pick a few locations around
    the world that were well off the beaten path and far from convenient. Pack
    the gear and just go with the flow. Other than setting the dates and making
    flight plans, most everything else will be left wide open. The tight-knit crew
    can't be sure how it'll turn out but they'll see just what happens when they
    let themselves drift free in strange and foreign lands. Either way, they're
    sure to come back knowing more about the planet we live on, and how other
    cultures live, work, and play. And maybe they'll even find some fun waves
    along the way.

    Sri Lanka, Iceland, Colombia South America, and a long road trip from the
    West Coast US to Nova Scotia and back.

    Directed By: Peter Trow
    Produced By: Jim Brewer
    Narrated by: Shaun Tomson

    68 Minutes