Probably the most popular shortboarding instructional videos, formerly entitled Turning Point , Peter Hart and the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) have completely updated this two part series to help you in your quest for windsurfing supremacy. Peter Hart delivers the most comprehensive technique video collection ever produced.

The video was shot in the perfect conditions at the RYA center in Bitez, Turkey. And they are superbly illustrated utilizing slow motion, freeze frame, and state of the art video graphics. Isn't it time you fed your adrenaline?

Order carefully as you can purchase each volume separately or as a set.

Turn for the Better - Part 2, by Peter Hart

  • This volume dives into the carving jibe in a big way and continues into many more shortboarding maneuvers including:

    Carving Jibes of all types
    Duck Jibes
    Slam Jibes, aka snap jibe/scissor jibe
    Carving Shortboard Tack
    Helicopter Tack
    Nose Sink Tack
    Other Posing Maneuvers
    Basic Jumping
    Cutting Edge Equipment