Cabo Verde Worldcup 2007

  • Videos that cover specific events worry me..and here's why (producers take note): In order for an event video to be successful it has to be on some significant contest, not some local hoedown - significant enough to where the results carry some meaning. It also has to attract many of the top competitors in the sport, not just one or two. It also has to be held in a location that has world-class conditions. And, when the contest rolls into town the conditions have to deliver. It can't be normal Ho'okipa or something. It has to be special...extraordinary. And then, the film crew has to be competent and knowledgeable enough to not only capture all the action but be able to put it together in such a way that everyone can enjoy it. If you don't meet all those criteria then you'll just end up with a video that satisfies the locals and the contestants, but will never be successful to everyone in the sport. And flat out - I've never seen anyone pull it off...until now.

    Cabo Verde PWA Worldcup 2007:

    Great Location - Check

    Top Riders - Check

    Great Film Crew - Check

    Epic Conditions - Double Check

    Stellar Performances - Triple Check

    You've seen the photos. And you've read the articles. But nothing conveys the mood of this spot, the emotion on the beach, or the pressure as the heats wind down as well as the sights and sounds captured on video. The contest was epic. A new standard was set that will be difficult to match. And Tonix Pictures, makers of a host of some of the best windsurfing videos over produced, captured it all, every wave, every turn, from every angle. As the official film crew of the PWA they had unprecedented access to all that went on. And while you'll see good footage of this event in other videos, you won't really see and feel the pulse of the event unless you watch this one. If you're into waveriding in any way, shape, or form, then this video is now a mandatory part of your collection.