Broken Water

  • by Ryland Blakeney 

    Broken Water is the latest kitesurfing DVD to come out of Oz. It is shot by Shannon Stent and edited by Chase Burns and purely focused on wave riding.

    The dvd is the first dvd project from Ryland Blakeney and follows his travels during 2010 and the spots he and his mates hit . The filming of angles and lifestyle shot by Shannon Stent are insane and he is definately one of the best filmers in Oz at present. 

    Ryland was stoked to work with Shannon to film for this project- Shannon Also filmed and edited Ben Wilsons films 'Coming Together' and 'The Unknown Road' and also 'Smack-Instructional'. The dvd is mainly shot in West Oz, Indo and NZ .

    It features the riding of Jake Gordon, Ben Wilson, Mike bergman, Ryland Blakeney, Corey Brown, Dale Stanton and a few others as they search for perfect wind and waves. there is some great clips of when things dont go right and also some footage of the heaviest waves ever kited. Also some waves never kited before and shows the lengths and distance travelled just to chase one swell!

    It has a bit of everything as far as riding styles go. Mainly an unstrapped film but also featuring alot of strapped riding too. the sound track is 90% Oz and features some great tracks by Chasing Phoenix, Vaxed Versa, Isaac Paddon and others.