4 - PKRA Tour 2007

  • As the title suggests, the PKRA World Tour in 2007 was all about Aaron Hadlow winning his unprecedented fourth consecutive world title. Will anyone be able to stop this guy? The technical level of the tricks they pull on the World Tour has risen to an absurd level. Remember way back when, when Martin Vari pulled the first double handlepass in competition? That rocked the world but it wouldn't get you out of a mid-level heat nowadays, where sending the kite is a no-no. It's all about powered momentum type moves and it's just nuts.

    And a great addition to the tour this year was a wave event held in Chile, won by who else but Martin Vari? This adds some great variety to the DVD, plus the waves at this place just go off. Tronolone Productions did a great job again on this year's DVD, continuing a tradition of making it better every year.