pursuing a passion

Side-Off Video was founded by Brian Caserio in 1992 in Cayucos, California, marked by the release of Wind Obsession (now a cult-classic for hardcore wind junkies).  Brian's video efforts were born during a 10-year professional windsurfing career, based mostly on the West Coast and Maui.  Towards the end of that time (or once he started getting his butt kicked by the new young-guns of windsurfing) Brian started shooting video of his fellow pros and has been doing so ever since.  After the release of Spring Loaded in 1995, Brian soon expanded his efforts into the instructional market with videos like Going Off, Steppin' Up, and Windsurfing 101.

1997, Brian moved 15 miles up the coast to Cambria (10 minutes from great sailing) and took a timeout from windsurfing to produce a nature documentary about the expanding local elephant seal colony, which won a Telly award and honorable mention in the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (check it out, if you're interested). After that hiatus Brian set out in early 2000 to produce his first totally action windsurfing video since the release of Spring Loaded. By the end of November, however, the result was an epic kiteboarding film - Air Sickness. That naturally led to a second kite video - Strung Out, which was produced in partnership with Peter Trow, who did the classics: Chapped and Surface Tension (also produced in partnership with Side-Off).  

Side-Off's Video production soon expanded into the instructional market by co-producing the entire Real Kiteboarding 5-part instructional series, which includes Zero 2 HeroEvolutionJoyrideSurf, and Triple-S (each of which also won Telly awards). Soon after, Side-Off also collaborated with Real on their instructional Stand-Up Paddle DVD, effectively adding another sport to the lineup.  Snowkiting is another sport that has recently been put up on the shelf here. Snowkiting and SUP are two sports in their infancy and everyone seems to be full of stoke, just like kiting and windsurfing in their infancy.

While video distribution is not quite as exciting as being out there filming the pros in epic conditions, we still have not lost that obsession.  That's what we like to think sets us apart from a normal distributor; we hit the water as often as possible, doing what you do. The best thing about our business is all the great people we have connected with over the years. Windsurfers, and yes - even kiters, really are a great group of people. We feel like we've made new friends all over the U.S. and in other countries too!

As a small company, our goal is simple: the best videos, at the best prices, shipped promptly, and the first priority is to make sure that the videos you order are right for you. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have and are knowledgeable about all the videos we sell. If you order a video that you aren't happy with or the instruction is at the wrong level just let us know and we will exchange it or give you a refund - no hassles!

Side-Off's website, while not exactly an example of the latest and greatest in web technology, is jam-packed with information about all the videos we carry.  That will hopefully help you make a decision and perhaps you will pick up a video or two. But most importantly, get out there on the water as often as you can. We'll likely see you out there.