(Quick Instruction Guide)

Intuition (jibing with Guy Cribb)
Beginner to Winner
Pro Secrets - Real World Waves
Learning to Windsurf w/ Alan
Pro Secrets

12 Step Jibe with Dasher
Basic Windsurfing
Windsurfing Kamasutra
Jibing with Alan Cadiz
The ABCs of Waterstarting
Start Windsurfing Right (Book)
Jump (VHS)
Windsurfing 101 (DVD & VHS)
Steppin' Up (VHS & DVD)
Going Off 1&2 (VHS)
Shortboard Sailing Technique 2 (VHS)

Peter Hart Instructionals:
Serious About Waves 3 (looping)
Serious About Waves 2
Serious About Waves 1
Showin' Off 1 & 2
'S' go Wavesailing
Windsurfing FUNdamentals
Turn for the Better 1&2
Carve Clinic 1 (VHS)
Carve Clinic 2 (VHS)
Comfortably Fast (VHS)
Speed with Style (VHS)

Instructional Titles from Gorge Video Productions

These videos by Rod Parmenter and Gorge Video Productions in conjunction with Hood River Windsurfing have been the popular instructional standard for years.

(not available in PAL format)

Short Board Sailing Techniques I - VHS

Essential maneuvers for shortboard sailing: water starts, jibes, stance, harness and foot strap use. Step-by-step instruction by John Guay using real-time, slow motion and freeze-frame video analysis.

Out of Stock, permanently, sorry.

Short Board Sailing Techniques II - VHS

John Guay of the Hood River Windsurfing School will teach you jibes, duck-jibes and snap-jibes. Plus a comprehensive step-by-step approach to short board jumping.

Shortboard Sailing Technique II - VHS tape -- $5.00
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