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Video News: Fall!

Still some wind to be had so get out there wherever you are before you have to travel too far to find it. You'd think early Fall would be a bit of the doldrums for video releases, but we've got an exciting new windsurfing video that is sure to stoke everyone. It's called Wind Legends: The History of Windsurfing. A definite must-see, gotta-have, mandatory part of the library.

To go along with that check out the new PWA World Tour DVD, and the Windsurfing Annual 2008 double DVD set. That one is jam-packed. Feedback for The Windsurfing Movie is unprecedented and pretty much locks it in as the best windsurf movie ever. It's hard to say that though, when Plug 'n Play 2 and The Polakow Movies, among others, absolutely rock. It's a good time to watch windsurfing on DVD. And don't forget Peter Hart has released is long-anticipated How to Loop DVD.

In kiteboarding the new action DVD by John and Alexis Bilderback called Lines is here and is a must-have. Also Ben Wilson has released his new surf instructional called Smack, following up his popular action DVD The Unknown Road. Also, the new 2007 PKRA World Tour DVD called "4" is selling well. And Tronolone just released two new DVDs that give a more in-depth look at the events on the PKRA World Tour.

And even if the wind isn't blowing, no big deal anymore as we've got standup paddleboarding too. Check the links below for some great instruction.

Hottest of the Hot:

Wind Legends:
The History of Windsurfing

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The Windsurfing Movie

Windsurfing Annual 2008
2 DVD set

Here's some new stuff, but see the catalogs for a complete list:

New Windsurfing:
Windsurfing - Action:

Wind Legends:
The History of Windsurfing
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The Windsurfing Movie

The Polakow Movies
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Plug 'n Play 2

Windsurfing Annual 2008
2 DVD set

PWA World Tour 2007


Windsurfing - Instruction:

Serious About Waves 3 - How to Loop

Beginner to Winner


Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz

New Kiteboarding:
Kiteboarding - Action:


Venezuela & Chile PKRA World Cup

Mexico and Tarifa PKRA World Cup

Four - PKRA Tour 2007

Kiteboarding - Instruction:

My Session


Progression Series

Real Kiteboarding Series

Standup Paddleboarding:
Standup Paddleboarding
Stand Up Paddle Surfing 1 & 2

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