DVD is a killer format that outperforms and outlasts old VHS tapes by leaps and bounds. Here is some quick information about compatibility issues regarding DVDs:

Most people, particularly internationally, have heard about geographic DVD codes that limit where DVDs can play. These codes (e.g. Code 1, Code 2, etc.) are artificial means to limit where DVDs can play. They were invented by Hollywood in order to contol the lisencing and distribution of their titles. Apparently they have their reasons for doing this. These codes have to be written onto the DVDs. In markets other than Hollywood, like windsurfing, there would be no reason to limit a DVDs playability, therefore, no code limitations exist on any DVDs we carry. They will play everywhere.

NTSC vs. PAL Color:
* This does not apply to playing DVDs in a personal computer. They will play DVDs that are mastered in either PAL or NTSC.*
DVD technology was invented and subsequently utilized in countries that used the NTSC video standard (30 frames per second), like the United States and Japan. This meant that if someone in a PAL standard (25 frames per second) country (like anywhere in Europe) wanted to view a Hollywood movie on DVD their DVD player would have to have a standards converter in it in order to be viewable on a PAL TV set. Eventually probably 95% of DVD players in PAL countries were made with standards conversion in them. So, any DVD mastered in an NTSC country would more than likely be viewable all over the world without a problem.

But...now that the authoring technology has entered the PAL market the reverse is not true. DVDs mastered in PAL countries will more than likely be unable to play in US (or Canadian or Asian or most Latin) DVD players because these NTSC players are not made with international standards converters in them. Only high-end players may have this capability. This is a serious issue for something like windsurfing that has such a European presence and influence. Therefore, any DVD coming out of Europe has to be mastered a second time in the NTSC format. This adds expense and delay to getting international DVDs to the US market. Plus it confuses people. But, bottom line: All the DVDs we carry are in the NTSC format and are compatible worldwide.

Check Your Manual:
On the first two or three pages of your DVD player manual there will be a section outlining what types of DVDs your player is able to play. It will mention codes and PAL or NTSC color. You should consult your manual before making any DVD purchase. All the DVDs we currently carry are in NTSC color and have no code limitations.

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