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Take advantage of our December specials and give the gift of wind in a box, or on a disc, or on the screen. Give stoke this year.

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Recent News:
cape horn dvd
Andre Paskowski's final masterpiece is now available: Below the Surface
Also available on Blu-Ray.
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cape horn dvd
New travel/adventure SUP DVD from Peter Trow now available: Driftwood
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minds wind open cover
All and All Is All We Are A great action snowkiting DVD from Tronolone Productions, makers of some of the best kiteboarding DVDs of all time.
We have a great new SUP DVD in by windsurf legend Mike Waltze called That First Glide. A feature length documentary film done in stunning HD.
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progression intermediate 1 dvd
Great strapless action from Australia and beyond, by Ryland Blakeney: Broken Water
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windsurfing movie 2 cover
The Windsurfing Movie II is insane. I thought the original couldn't be topped, but I was wrong. We also have the original The Windsurfing Movie back in stock!